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1960s Folk Singers: Peter, Paul & Mary, Judy Collins, Joan Baez & Joni Mitchell

In the early 1960s a new generation of folk singers emerged and young people quickly claimed the style as their own. The talent and message of these singers and their songs was quickly spread across the country thanks to television.

Here are rare performances from four of the best and most well known folk singers - Peter, Paul & Mary; Judy Collins; Joan Baez; Joni Mitchell. Collins covers a Beatles tune (that had only been released for about 6 months at the time) and a Bob Dylan classic is sung by Baez, his then girlfriend. You’ll know these, and the other tow songs as well. Enjoy!

You can listen to music from Peter, Paul & Mary, Judy Collins, Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell and other folk singers from the 1960s on Dusty Discs Radio

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