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And Then It All Went Wrong…

Outrageous antics are often expected from certain rock and rollers especially those from the heavy metal world. Most of the time it’s confined to their stage shows or videos. But what happens when some hard core behaviours and personality quirks play out in the media?

In this short compilation video from the channel of YouTuber ‘Loudwire’, 10 famous rockers let loose. The cursing Sex Pistols, a hopped up Iggy Pop, a drunken Chris Holmes of W.A.S.P, a stunned Ozzy Osborne and six other rock acts lay it all out there in “10 Rock + Heavy Metal Interviews Gone Wrong”. Check it out what Marilyn Manson does with a microphone! And…enjoy?!

You can listen to music from these and other musicians from the 70s and 80s on Dusty Discs Radio.

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