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Barry Manilow live on The Midnight Special, 1975

n 1972 TV producer Burt Sugarman pitched a program idea to the NBC brass focusing on a 90 minute late-night musical variety series. He called it The Midnight Special (because of the time slot) and indicated that the acts would give live performances, unusual during a time when musicians lip-synched during their TV appearances. NBC bought the idea and the show became a big hit.

Also a big hit in the 1970’s was singer/songwriter/keyboard player Barry Manilow. During his career Barry has recorded and released 47 Top 40 singles, including 12 that hit number one.

In 1975 he performed one of his top songs, ‘Could It Be Magic’, live on The Midnight Special, complete with information on its creation and accompanied by stellar back-up singers. Here is the video of that performance. Enjoy!

You can listen to and enjoy songs from Barry Manilow and other artists from the 1970’s on Dusty Discs Radio.

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