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Cass Elliot’s Candid Talk With Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show, 1974

Cass Elliot is probably best remembered from her days as “Mama” Cass with the 60s folk/pop group The Mamas and Papas and the myths surrounding her death at the age of 32. When the band broke up Cass went on to have a successful solo career that included tours, five albums, and TV appearances before she passed away from heart failure in July of 1974.

In May, a mere two months before her death, Cass appeared on The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson in this funny, witty interview that covers a case of the vapours that put her in the hospital, soap operas, The Dating Game and more. Enjoy!

You can listen to music from The Mamas & Papas, and from Cass Elliot’s solo career, on Dusty Discs Radio.

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