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Goofy Great: Hilarious Video of Ray Stevens' Song ‘The Streak’

Singer/songwriter and comedian Ray Stevens has won Grammy awards for lovely tunes such as ‘Everything Is Beautiful’ and ‘Misty’. But he is equally known for his zany novelty tunes such as 1968’s ’Gitarzan’. Stevens really struck gold in 1974 when he capitalized on, and helped popularize, a trend of the day known as “streaking”. To “streak” meant to take off all your clothes in a public place and, well, run around naked until someone escorted you off the premises... or you got bored and left on your own, whichever came first.

In 1974 Stevens had a #3 hit song ‘The Streak’ an ode to this growing pastime. A very funny video of the song was created by Stevens which combined animation and live action segments. Here is that video. Laugh out loud and enjoy !

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