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Michael Jackson On Being Famous And His ‘New’ Album Bad, 1987

It had been almost 5 years between album releases for Michael Jackson, and fans and media alike were more than a bit curious when he finally put out Bad in 1987. In 1982 Jackson’s Thriller album was #1 in just about every country and went multi-platinum world-wide. Many wondered if The King of Pop could reclaim and maintain his superstar status with this latest release.

Well, he did. Bad was equally successful and took the top spots in most countries (except Australia where it peaked at #2). And as with Thriller, Bad was certified multi-platinum world-wide and produced several top 10 singles including the title track.

In 1987 Ebony Jet magazine interviewed Michael Jackson about his new album, his creative process, his fame and fortune, and other interesting topics. Jackson is soft-spoken, shy and a bit guarded. Here is an edited, 13 minute video of that interview. Enjoy!

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