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Official Video for Paul Simon’s ‘You Can Call Me Al’ - With A Little Help From Chevy Chase

In 1986 Paul Simon released the single ‘You Can Call Me Al’ which became one of his biggest solo releases, peaking in the top five in 7 different countries. Naturally a music video was also released.

The original video was a performance of the song by Paul Simon during his hosting gig on Saturday Night Live. But the singer didn’t like it. So SNL creator Lorne Michaels came up with an idea that had SNL alumni and actor Chevy Chase lip-syncing the vocals while Simon tries unsuccessfully to jump in. Essentially, all he can do is pretend to play various instruments at various times in the song.

Both Chevy Chase and Paul Simon were big names in the 80s and combing the two talents into this comical video proved very successful. Here is that video to tickle your funny bone and get you dancing along to the song. Enjoy!

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