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Rare Music Video: The Paper Dolls Video for “Something Here in My Heart”, 1968

In the late 1960s ‘The Paper Dolls’ a British female vocal trio from Northampton, had a UK hit with their debut single “Something In My Heart”. Pauline ‘Spyder’ Bennett, Sue ‘Copper’ Marshall and lead singer Susie ‘Tiger’ Mathis also starred in a music video for the song, a rarity in the 60s in North America but popping up a bit more frequently in the UK.

Here is the re-mastered video for “Something In My Heart”. It really captures the look and feel of late 60s London including locales and fashions. Both audio and video have been remastered so the quality is decent. Enjoy!

You can listen to The Paper Dolls and other artists from the 60s on Dusty Discs Radio.

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