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Rare Online Video: Check out Davy Jones’ screen test for The Monkees and other unique footage

Updated: Jun 23, 2018

Most remember Davy Jones as the cute heart throb from the 1960s sitcom The Monkees. But Davy was a man (or should I say boy) of many talents. At 14 he left school to pursue a career as a jockey but side stepped into show biz. By age 17 he was starring as the title character of Oliver! in the Broadway musical of the same name. And when he was 18 years old he landed the role on The Monkees that would make him a household name and have teeny boppers - and even pre-teens - falling for him in a big way.

Rare vintage film footage and photos of the actor have been compiled into the video featured here. Included are pics of Davy as a child and as a jockey, his 1965 screen test for The Monkees TV show, an appearance on The Merv Griffith Show that features a medley of songs from Oliver!, “home” movie clips and some archival footage of The Monkees on tour.

You can listen to tunes from The Monkees and from Davy Jones solo career, along with other great artists from the 60s, 70s and 80s, on Dusty Discs Radio.

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