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Rare performance: The Stampeders on Dutch TV show TopPop, 1974

Canadian rockers and Juno award-winners The Stampeders had huge success in the 1970s both here at home and world-wide with their 1971 hit ’Sweet City Woman’. That success provided opportunities for the trio of Rich Dodson, Kim Berly and Ronnie King to travel and perform in various countries including The Netherlands.

In 1974 they appeared on the popular Dutch TV show TopPop to showcase their 1972 hit ‘Wild Eyes’. This video captures that performance and reminds us of the long hair and funky fashions of the day. Check it out!

Although The Stampeders have lost their 70s attire (and some of their hair) they haven’t lost their appeal here in Canada. They continue to tour the country to sold-out houses reminding us of their talent and why we continue to love their music to this day.

You can listen to The Stampeders and other Canadian Music Makers from the 70s 24/7 on Dusty Discs Radio.

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