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Rare: The Poppy Family With The Everly Brothers on Canadian TV, 1968

In the 1960s CBC-TV Vancouver aired Let’s Go a summer musical series aimed at teenagers (sound familiar?) and featuring performance from top Canadian acts and a few international favourites. Terry Jacks and Susan (Pesklevits) Jacks met on the show, eventually married and had hits across Canada with their group The Poppy Family. The pair were regular performers on the series and Terry was a host as well.

In this episode Terry and Susan perform a mini concert of sorts and Terry sits down with Don and Phil, better known as the Everly Brothers. The Poppy Family also perform some Everly Brothers tunes while Don and Phil look on. Enjoy!

You can listen to music from The Poppy Family, The Everly Brothers, Terry Jacks, Susan Jacks and other musicians from the 1960s and 70s on Dusty Discs Radio.

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