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Lori Dean

Program Director and Show Host

Lori is an 18-year radio veteran with a passion for oldies music and a special fondness for the 1970s. She is the co-founder of Dusty Discs Radio, the Program Director for the station, and the creator, producer and host of several of the stations shows, including the internationally syndicated Deano’s Dusty Discs Golden Oldies Radio.

Saturday Night '70s - two hours of fun facts, artists' clips, trivia, flashbacks and, of course, music from the crazy decade of the 1970s.

6 pm and 10 pm Saturday

Heather Prescott 3 - Copy.jpg

Heather Prescott

Administration Director and Show Host

​Heather is the co-founder of Dusty Discs Radio, the Administration Director and social media guru for the station. She has a passion for the 1980s (especially the music) and is excited to bring her knowledge of all things '80s to you, the listeners. 

The '80s At 8 - from ABC to ZZ Top and everything in between, it's an hour full of the music and memories of the fabulous and, at times, forgettable 1980s. 

8 pm EST and 8 pm PST Monday and Wednesday

DDR Logo.jpg

Dusty Discs Radio Productions



Liner Notes: Revealing Chats with Canada's Retro Music Makers - in this no holds barred podcast, Canadian music makers from the 1960s-1990s chat candidly with fellow musician Dan Hare and share it creation, the highs (and lows) of the biz, fans, family, what they're up to now and a life lesson or two learned along the way.

12 pm Tuesday and Thursday

Show Host

​Geoff is an award-winning radio personality who has worked for numerous stations in the U.K. (including the BBC) and North America. He now produces specialist radio shows that are syndicated around the world.

Solid Gold Sixties - a jam-packed hour filled with the memorable music of the 1960s and fascinating stories on the decades top musicians, told by the man who interviewed them.


11 am and 7 pm Friday

Supersonic '70s - a full hour of the music from the wonderful 1970s, plus interviews and a quiz. What more could you want?

1 pm and 8 pm Saturday

Kick Up The '80s - an hour-long trip back to the 1980s full of music, memories and interviews with top musicians from the day.

9 am and 4 pm Sunday

Geoff Dorsett.JPG

Geoff Dorsett

Frank Todd.jpg

Frank Todd

Show Host

Frank has been an on-air personality for over four decades, working for radio stations in the Eastern U.S. For the past eight years he had produced syndicated oldies programs and now writes a weekly column "Todd's Baby Boomer Trivia". One of his recorded interviews is in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum.

Todd's Top 20 - two hours of memorable music from a particular month and year in rock history, pre-historic countdowns for several years, or songs with the same theme. 

8 am and 2 pm Saturday

Dave Edwards.jpg

Dave Edwards

Show Host

Dave has been in broadcasting for over 40 years, working in both commercial and publicly funded radio stations in the U.K. and world-wide. He is also a voice over artist, was a driving force behind the formation of The Loughborogh Hospitals Broadcasting Service and has a special love of the 1970s.


That '70s Sound - an hour of '70s music plus “TV times” (TV theme from the '70s), “The Music Chain Quiz” (answer questions to solve the ‘chain’) , “Movie Magic” ('70s film theme) and “Disco 12 inch remix” (a track to dance to). 

12 pm and 9 pm Saturday

That thing new logo.jpeg

Rich Appel

Show Host

Rich has spent most of his life listening to and loving music and radio, and working in the radio, music and media businesses. He’s the author of two pop culture books (one on the 1960s, the other the 1970s) and teaches radio, broadcasting, media, public speaking and writing classes.


That Thing With Rich Appel - a weekly three-hour celebration of fast-past radio that brings back the sound - not just the songs - of the 60s and 70s. It’s an unique mix of hits, custom jingles, vintage commercials and a certified fun host.  


1 pm and 6 pm Sunday

Motown  Memories white space.jpg

Tom Fallon

Show Host

Tom got his first taste of radio while at Boston’s Northeastern University on station WRBB. His vast music collection contains both popular and obscure songs and he loves to share them anywhere, anytime.


Motown Memories - an hour of great Motown songs by all the great Motown artists from the '60s, '70s and '80s including The Four Tops, Diana Ross & The Supremes, The Commodores and many more. Each show also features juicy information on the artist and their songs.

8 am and 4 pm Friday

Memory Lane Logo.jpg

"Big Bob"

Show Host

"Big Bob" is a Detroit, Michigan native passionate about bringing back “Old Time Rock & Roll”. His database contains tunes from a variety of popular groups, one-hit wonders and even cover bands. 

Memory Lane Show - a three-hour return to “Old Time Rock & Roll” featuring charted hits, one-hit wonders and covers from the '60s and '70s. If you remember the Motown Sound, Drive-In Movies and Cruising Main Street then sit back, listen, enjoy and reminisce with the tunes that will never die. 

1 pm and 9 pm Friday

Blue Suede Connection square.jpg

Dan and TL

Show Hosts

Dan is a 20+ year radio veteran known as “the man with a million voices” and a huge Elvis aficionado. Author TL is long-time Elvis fan and fabulist who weaves her knowledge into novels and stories known as ‘Elvis-fiction’.


Blue Suede Connection - two hours of Elvis, Elvis, Elvis! - weekly themed shows where fun and laughs mix with the music of the King of Rock n' Roll. 


​10 am and 4 pm Saturday


Dick Lee

Show Host

Dick is a musician and DJ who toured nationally with a '60s group called The Brymers. In 1968 he recorded a psychedelic album with a group called Fapardokly (Merrell Fankhauser). Dick has a wealth of knowledge on the 60’s garage rock scene particularly in California. He is friends with many 60’s garage rockers and features regular interviews with these musicians on his radio show/podcast.


Dick Lee and '60s Garage Rock From California - a one hour show featuring great California Garage Rock along with the hits of the day. Take a romp through the 60's with Dick Lee and his co-host “The Iceman” as they bring you a show that is “like listening to late 1960’s radio with a Dick Clark and Wolfman Jack feel”.


​9 am and 5 pm Friday

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Grooveline Pic.jpg
Gordon cropped for website.jpg

Ryan Doran

Show Host

A native of Philadelphia, Ryan has been spinnin' the wax for many years on terrestrial radio and internet stations. He has a vast knowledge of, and a great love for, soul and oldies music. Spend some time with him and see for yourself! 

Grooveline - two hours of the best soul music of the '60s through the '80s (with just a sprinkle of '50s and '90s for good measure). A sides, B sides, rare cuts - plus weekly requests and dedications.

6 pm Monday and Wednesday

Gordon Cooper

Show Host

Gordon has been a music fan and collector since 1969 and a radio veteran with over 25+ years of experience in the U.K. He has a love of sixties music - probably because he lived through it.

The Swinging Sixties Show.jpg
Gary Hopkins.jpg

Gary Hopkins

Show Host

Gary has been presenting on radio since 2011 and, although he loves listening to all genres of music, his favourite is definitely the 1980s. Gary is also a proud dad to four lovely girls. 

The Swinging Sixties Show - an hour of U.K. big hits and smashes from the 1960s.

11 pm Monday and Wednesday

Blast from the 80s.jpg
Dan Sweeney OHW new logo pic AS JPG.jpg

A Blast From The 80s - an hour-long trip back to the best decade musically, including tracks you may not have heard in over 30 years, the first song you bought in the ‘80s and your chance to guess the “Reverse Song”.


10 am and 10 pm Sunday

Dan Sweeney

Show Host

Dan is a Chicago native who grew up listening to classic top 40 tunes. He became a popular radio personality and enjoyed a successful career in TV (with the likes of Showtime and TV Guide) and in TV technology developing interactive program guides and multiplayer interactive trivia games for cable TV. 


#1 Music logo  for website.jpg
One Hit Wonders logo for website.jpg

Dan Sweeney’s #1 Music -  the only weekly radio show that that exclusively showcases the USA Billboardd Hot 100 Chart Toppers. Tune in to hear the fun facts, back stories, and chart spotlights for all of the #1’s from the '60s '70s and '80s plus artist interviews as well. Dan Sweeney’s #1 Music has become the fun place to remember the biggest hits in the world.

8 pm Friday

Dan Sweeney’s One Hit Wonders - one hour of the forgotten “one and done”  USA Top 40 hits plus unique stories on the artists (including “where are they now” updates) and the songs. You’ll also hear trivia, jingles, and movie and pop culture news from the showcased years. 

12 pm Friday

Dave The Rave.jpg

Dave The Rave

Show Host

Dave The Rave has all the records you crave with well over 100,000 45s! Are you thinking of a lost 45? Dave has it, so tune in!


Relics and Rarities - a jam-packed hour of primarily '60s music featuring cool hits and many rare 45s that should have been a hit but fell through the cracks. 

12 pm and 9 pm Sunday

Jan Gow.jpg
The JanCave logo (1).jpg

Jan Gow

Show Host

Jan Gow developed an obsession with music at a young age. Today she has a collection of 2000 albums, 4000 singles and her beloved Rowe-Ami Cadette jukebox. Her favourite decade is the 1970s. 


The JanCave ‘70s Jukebox - a series of one hour shows with each episode tackling a specific 70s year’s music, facts and pop culture including the odd TV clip thrown in here and there. 

11 am and 7 pm Saturday

Keith Scowcroft and Mike Kroll for websi

Keith Scowcroft and Mike Kroll

Show Hosts


The UK’s Keith Scowcroft lived through the Mercy Beat era and developed a passion for pop music. The USA’s Mike Kroll had dreamed of being a Rock and Roll DJ since he was a teenager. Mike realized his dream and became a guest DJ on several Detroit radio shows. On one of those shows, Keith was a regular call-in correspondent from the UK. 


Keith and Mike soon developed a friendship and eventually co-founded the UK USA Rock n Soul Connection, an internationally syndicated radio program with a unique blend of the duo's distinctly different musical tastes. 

UK USA R n S Con logo.jpg

The UK USA Rock n Soul Connection

A unique, two hour musical journey covering '60s-'80s music which blends the guys' distinctly personal tastes in rock, R&B, Soul, Blues, Northern Soul, Rare Oldies and International Tracks. Of added interest are the guest DJ’s from England, Scotland and America.


9 pm Monday and Wednesday

Dick Scoppettone.jpg

Dick Scoppettone

Show Host 


Dick is the founder and lead singer of the ’60s group Harpers Bizarre which had a hit in 1967 with the Paul Simon tune ‘Feelin’ Groovy’. This background allowed Dick to contact other music makers and shakers from the 1960s to talk about shared experiences and much more. Dick is also a writer of fiction and a musical and lives in Scotts Valley, California.

America's Oldies But Goodies logo_edited.jpg

America's Oldies But Goodies - The 60's

Groovy moments from the 1960s with talks from well-known talents about a decade that shaped a whole generation, not only with the most magnificent music ever made, but also the politics, protests, and pretty much everything that happened in the Swingin’ '60s.


12 pm Monday and Wednesday

DJ Mike.jpg

Mike Bollea

Show Host 


Mike Bollea, a mobile DJ for over 30 years, shares his love for oldies music each week via his internet radio shows.

Wayback Playback logo for website.jpg

Mike Bollea's Wayback Playback

A full hour of 1960s, 70s and 80s tunes - keeping great music alive in the style of old AM Radio.

4 pm Monday and Wednesday


Ken and MJ Rundel

Show Hosts


Ken has extensive radio experience and is a veteran of free-form, album rock radio with #1 ratings in both Dallas, Texas and on the ABC Radio Classic Rock Radio Network. His wife MJ has considerable rock and roll knowledge, and her talent as an artist gave her backstage access to some of album rocks early icons including Cat Stevens, Donovan and Elton John. Her beautiful, mind-blowing posters graced the dressing room doors of all the greats. 


The Flower Power Hour with Ken and MJ - a flashback to the Golden Age of Flower Power with music primarily from the 60s - 80s dedicated to the vibe of that era – peace, love, and rock and roll.  


1pm Monday and Wednesday


Check out the show on Facebook

Guilty Pleasure 45s logo.jpg

DJ Key

Show Host


On This Day 80s with DJ Key! -  this popular, two-hour “all request” show features songs from each year of the 1980s, plus special bits including “The Love Song”, “U.S. Number One”, “The Megamix” and much more. 


10 am and 10 pm Sunday

Neil Greaves

Show Host


Guilty Pleasure 45s -  a two-hour journey full of good times and good memories, focusing on the 1970s and 1980s. Features include two golden years, retro mini-mix and the very popular Rock Box. 


2 pm Monday and Wednesday

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