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Canadian Music Makers from the 1960s-1990s chat with fellow musician Dan Hare and they share it creation, the highs (and lows) of the biz, fans, family, what they're up to now and a life lesson or two learned along the way.

Here's your 'fly on the wall' moment, a chance to catch revealing insights into the person behind the music in a casual, laid back manner. Nothing over produced here. Just real, raw engaging talk. 

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Real, Raw, Relevant...

Dan Hare - Show  Host
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Dan Hare is a career entertainer based in Vancouver. For over four decades he has done everything from concerts to acoustic shows. His premier show band - The March Hare band - has a long list of credits, performing over 100 shows per year as All Your Favorite Bands in One and the Thru the Decades 60s-Now show. 


Flying solo, Dan is a preeminent tribute artist of Bob Seger and John Fogerty. PLUS Dan is an outstanding solo acoustic artist.


Throughout his career Dan has been involved in many recording projects, has been featured on numerous TV shows. He is also an accomplished speaker, author, commentator and martial artist.

For more info on Dan visit: March Hare Band or Dan Hare.

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